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Enhancing Collaboration

enhanced collaboration technology plan

High profile organizations, businesses and universities are continually expanding their view on how to best leverage technology to improve overall collaboration. As today’s environment has changed, employees expect to be able to work together in small groups, participate in conference calls, connect via video chat, and share content from their laptop, tablet, or phone with ease, be it onsite or remote.

Professional collaboration demands that properly designed and equipped meeting spaces reflect employee expectations. Today’s modern businesses are seeking out technology solutions to help them meet this demand while also making efficient use of allotted budgets and overall floorspace which includes updating existing conference rooms and boardrooms. The demand now is for technology to be used to transform unused spaces into modern collaboration hubs, providing for more productive meetings and overall project collaboration.

Keys to Enhanced Collaboration Systems

Dexon USA has the collaboration technology solutions to help ensure business success. Whether designing a large conference room, a training room, smaller huddle spaces, at a university or even a training conference room, it’s critical to provide the right collaboration technology to simplify and enhance meetings.

An enhanced collaboration technology plan should support these key capabilities:

Scalable: The technology solution must be customizable to meet the needs of various collaboration spaces from the smallest and simplest like huddle spaces and small training rooms to larger and more complex environments like conference rooms and university .

Easy-To-Use: The user must be able to enter the space and start immediately without little to no training on the system.

Flexible: The user should be able to easily share the content from their laptop, tablet or other mobile device with a wireless connection.

Secure: To support scalability within the enterprise, systems must be network connected to provide remote support, monitoring and firmware updates.

At Dexon USA, our solutions are exceptionally reliable and well suited for use with conference rooms or in training applications, enabling participants to be part of the experience flawlessly. We support AV projects for every type of educational and conference facility to make your business or institution stand out.

Contact DEXON USA today to learn more about collaborative room solutions.