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HDBaseT Extenders

DEXON Systems’ HDBaseT products transmit HDMI signals over Cat5e/Cat6 cables to 100m distance. The optional DUSE201 universal transmitter processes, switches, scales and extends different input signals to remote HDBaseT receivers.


DEXON Systems supply demanding AV projects with HDBaseT compliant devices which transmit high resolution HDMI signals and embedded audio content without any loss of quality. Manage and cover a longer distance between any given input devices, the control boxes and the output devices. The distances may be tens of meters or even 100m where the HDBaseT technology can perform perfectly with a rather low-cost level for cabling and operation. Important to emphasize here the loss-less feature of the technology also. Cat5e or Cat6 cables are used as transport media. They can be purchased for competitive prices and installed with everyday equipment and technologies. The very same cables are used for large Ethernet network implementations all over the world.

DEXON Systems have integrated the HDBaseT transceiver and receiver electronics to the input boards and to the output boards for each product. DEXON’s integrated HDBaseT technology means higher reliability, lower cost of implementation, lower dissipation and absolute clear cabling possibility. The system integrator can connect the RJ45 connector of the Cat5e or Cat6 cable directly to the input or output board of the DEXON controller. The installation, debugging and support jobs are significantly reduced because no external boxes and power supplies are needed at the DEXON end.

The HDBaseT signal handling boxes at the peripheral side are supplied by DEXON, guaranteeing compatibility of the products. The DCATS high quality HDBaseT transceiver box has been designed to accept HDMI or DVI input signal and transform to HDBaseT output signal. The embedded audio, the HDCP content protection and the EDID signals are managed also. The DCATS box handles different resolutions from 640×480 up to 3840×2160 30Hz. Such a DCATS box can be used at the input peripheral side so the HDMI or DVI signals can be transferred to a distance of maximum 100m with a perfectly loss-less method. We can reach a full digital path from the peripheral to the DEXON controller. The devices work with no signal delay.


The output peripherals, such as monitors, can be connected from the DEXON box through HDBaseT technology also using the integrated HDBaseT outputs of the DEXON boards. The DCATR boxes can be installed to 100m distance and must be used at the output peripheral side to convert the HDBaseT signal to HDMI output that can be connected to the monitor or other output peripherals. Embedded audio, HDCP content protection and the EDID are handled as well. The DCATR box handles different resolutions from 640×480 up to 3840×2160 30Hz. Thus, we can reach a full digital path from the peripheral to the DEXON controller using a perfectly loss-less method. The devices work with no signal delay. Such a receiver box has an RJ45 connector for the HDBaseT input, one DVI output connector to transmit HDMI or DVI output signal, one +5V power supply connector and contains 3 pieces of status LEDs.

The DCATS and DCATR boxes can be used in pairs to transmit HDMI signals (with embedded audio, HDCP, EDID) from any HDMI source to any output peripheral. They work with close cooperation and supply the customer a zero-delay and loss-less signal path for the perfect customer satisfaction.


In addition to the above transceiver/received boxes, DEXON Systems offer a stand-alone, universal transceiver box with built-in scaling function. This universal transceiver gives full support to handle remote input peripherals with any legacy or new signal standard. Only one universal box is needed to input, process, crop, high quality up- or down-scale, pixel motion, adaptive deinterlace, frame rate convert, format convert and output any of 8 different standard input signals. The input signals as composite video, S-video, component video (YPbPr), analogue RGB, SDI, HD-SDI, 3GSDI, DisplayPort, HDMI are handled. Any of these input signals can be selected, processed and transmitted by direct HDBaseT technology. Additionally, we integrated analogue and digital audio inputs that allow audio embedding and de-embedding. The outputs are driven through one DVI-I and one RJ45 connectors, the later transferring mirrored HDBaseT compliant output signal. Perfect device to handle any industry standard signals and transmit to visualization. The product gives precise de-interlacing or scaling services, so perfect video quality is guaranteed.

The device contains push buttons and front panel LCD display for local control and OSD on the output screen. For more intelligent control the user can use the graphical user interface on a notebook connected to USB port.

This intelligent DUSE201 is an essential part of complex AV installations because it ensures perfect integration of all industry standard signals and peripherals.