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Product Families

Each product in our portfolio will surpass your expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Our all-in-one solutions were designed to improve both efficiency and user experience. Implementing our video wall controllers in your AV project makes it easy to project content and data across multiple screens. DEXON offers a wide selection of versatile products that enable your team to view, listen and interact with any data in any environment.

Sharp and clear presentation of information is the existential core of DEXON’s product families. With flawless image quality, DEXON creates a safe and confident working environment where operators are given the most ideal circumstances to perform their daily tasks.

Please see our product summary video here to find out more.

video wall controllers

Video Wall Controllers

  • Control of multi-screen video walls
  • Windows 10 graphics applications
  • Direct input video overlays with audio
  • Set of 4RU, 7RU, 14RU modular chassis
  • 16×16, 32×32, 144×44 configurations
  • Intuitive software for remote management
Video Processors

Video Processors

  • Control of multi-screen video walls
  • 16×16, 32×32, 144×72 configurations
  • Direct video input windows
  • Scaling, fade effects, OSD, PIP
  • Integrated audio matrix service
  • Web browser based remote control
Presentation Matrix Switchers

Presentation Matrix Switchers

  • All-in-one modular matrix switchers
  • 16×16, 32×32, 144×72 configurations
  • Scaling, seamless switch, fading, PIP, OSD
  • Integrated audio matrix handling
  • Live preview of multiple signals
  • Professional, browser based remote control
HDBaseT Extenders

HDBaseT Extenders

  • HDMI/HDBaseT transceiver box
  • HDBaseT/HDMI receiver box
  • PoE option
  • Different resolutions up to 4K30
  • Signal distance up to 100m
  • Universal signal scaling in transceiver


  • All-in-one HDMI Processor/Viewer
  • 1x HDMI output displaying inputs in real time
  • Scaling, video effects, OSD
  • Additional media player, web page, IP camera, vnc display
  • 4K60 4:4:4 for input and output signal handling
  • Web browser based, graphics UIF for remote control