DVP500x-4U, 4K60 4:4:4, Modular Video Processor & Presentation Matrix

The Complete 4K60 Solution for your AV Project

The modular all-in-one box, providing video processor, intelligent presentation matrix services and routing matrix in a single box for stable 4K60 RGB or YUV 4:4:4 visualization. Additionally, DVP500x-4U introduces the new concept of section. Each of the sections may have assigned input signals to handle, outputs to control and users with different access rights. The world class DVP500x-4U modular devices are built up using 4U high 32×16 chassis. They process 4-32 input and 4 or 8 or 16 output signals depending on PIP number. DVP500x-4U is a real video processor, it handles live input video signals and controls output monitors to forms a coherent video screen as a large coherent surface regardless of the monitor borders.

DVP500x-4U offers:

  • Signal scaling
  • seamless switching
  • PIP2, PIP4 and PIP8
  • OSD
  • manage audio embedding
  • manage video independent, internal audio matrix
  • integrated HDCP handling and EDID


  • Video processors  with all-in one services
  • Modular design to handle 4-32 inputs using 4/8-channel input boards
  • Modular design to handle 1-16 HDMI outputs using 4/2/1-channel output boards
  • 4K60 4:4:4 I/O signals, handling all industry resolutions and formats with full HDCP support
  • Signal scaling in and scaling out of any input resolution to any selected output resolution
  • Seamless switch  of two input signals in real time with zero latency and without loss of frames
  • Fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade effects when switching of two input signals in real time
  • PIP2, PIP4 or PIP8 input source display in real time over the display wall surface
  • Drives coherent video wall surface of 1 to 16 screensOn-screen-display (OSD) over any input signal windows as defined by the project installation
  • Display of video inputs in real time in any size and any position over the video wall
  • Fully independent audio matrix switching for embedded or separate analogue audio signals
  • YUV 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:2:0, RGB HDMI input signal format handling
  • Easy-to-use, remote control user interface through platform independent web browser
  • Versatile layout management user interface with sophisticated scenario handling
  • HDMI output signals, with full HDCP support








Typical Configurations

Application Areas

DVP500x-4U is the perfect solution for LED wall displays, boardrooms, show rooms, university halls, government applications, conference centers and even mission critical control rooms in 24/7 operation. Thus, the application area is rather wide as the device gives outstanding services for high tech AV projects.


DVP 500x-4u Brochure