DMX202-Pro 14U Modular Presentation Matrix

DIMAX202-Pro the Complete Solution for your AV Project

This unprecedented 3-in-1 solution integrates presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor into a single chassis. The DMX202-14U modular box handles different industry standard signals up to 4K30 in RGB or YUV 4:4:4, 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 color spaces. This device offers all-in-one matrix services as signal scaling, seamless switch, fade effects, picture-in-picture display, OSD and audio handling. The services fulfill a demanding AV project so no other external devices are needed. The live preview option of multiple signals give you total overview of the full infrastructure managed by operators. The setup and operation can be managed through a web-based GUI that is platform independent so serves browsers in Windows, Android, iOS or Linux environments. By simple drag-and-drop operations customers can initiate fantastic video services, manage matrix switching, drive video walls manage audio embedding and video independent, internal audio matrix.

All-in-one matrix solution including:

  • unlimited up and down scaling
  • attractive video effects
  • format conversion
  • resolution conversion
  • PIP
  • real time display
  • integrated HDCP handling
  • intelligent EDID management


  • Modular  matrix switcher: presentation matrix, routing matrix and video processor sections
  • Modular chassis and board set to serve 4×4 to 72×72 configurations
  • 4K30 Hz I/O signals, handling all industry resolutions and formats with full HDCP support
  • Different input signal formats and resolutions converted to desired output signal standard
  • Signal scaling in and scaling out of any input resolution to any selected output resolution
  • Seamless switch  of two input signals in real time with zero latency and without loss of frames
  • Fade-in, fade-out, cross-fade effects when switching of two input signals in real time
  • Picture-in-Picture display of two live, moving video input signals over any output screen
  • Video wall operation mode creating coherent video screens with real time input video display
  • On-screen-display (OSD) over any input signal windows as defined by the project installation
  • Preview option displaying multiple input signals in stamp sized live windows
  • Fully independent audio matrix switching for embedded or separate analogue audio signals
  • Ability to hierarchically assign different user and access rights to selected operators
  • Easy-to-use, remote control user interface through platform independent web browser
  • Versatile layout management user interface with sophisticated scenario handling
  • Management of multiple and coherent video wall surfaces with real time input video rendering



















Typical Configurations





Application Areas

These customized DIMAX-Pro devices can be integrated to your board room, show room, university or conference center projects. They can be applied in mission critical control rooms also where 24/7 operation is crucial.


DMX202 Brochure