IP Decoding and Visualization on DMX302x Family

Displaying IP Streams on DMX302x devices

IP4 Input Card the Complete IP Stream Solution for your AV Project
DMX302x offers complete solution for visualizing several IP Cameras, thanks to the 4 pieces of high-tech hardware decoders on each card. The master CPU’s load is zero and real time display is guaranteed. DMX302x is a well-designed switcher for special security supervision projects. The system can display plenty of IP Cameras (more than 576), movie files, multiple Web pages and vnc sources. The IP camera decoding is performed by the IP4 stream decoding and visualization internal board without any external IP decoding device.

IP4 input card advantages:

  • based on custom hardware decoder technology
  • 4x IP decoding channels
  • conversion of IP Stream into Video Stream
  • decoding and display of movie files
  • display of multiple Web pages
  • display of vnc sources from remote operators’ PC screens


  • 4 pieces of high-tech hardware decoders on each card
  • IP decoding capability can decode and display parallel 2000MP/sec stream
  • Decode and display maximum 576x 1080p or 144x 4K30 IP streams
  • Well balanced network, thanks to each decoder board has own, separate LAN connection
  • Display of multiple Web pages
  • Decoding and display of movie files from USB pendrive or LAN connection
  • Display of vnc sources from remote operator PC screens
  • Display of IP video streams from IP cameras of the following standards (IPv4, RTSP, RTP/UDP, SRTP/UDP, MPEG2-TS/UDP, HTTP, etc.)










Typical Configurations

Application Areas

These customized DMX302x devices can be integrated to your board room, show room, university or conference center projects to have supervision and to display smaller or larger number of IP cameras throughout the wall. They can be applied in mission critical control rooms also where 24/7 operation is crucial.